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New Dominion Solutions, LLC is a Richmond-based firm dedicated to helping nonprofits exceed their own expectations.  We provide professional services matched to your objectives—from temporary special projects to long-term comprehensive support—so that your organization can confidently meet today’s challenges and the challenges to come.

Since 2014 New Dominion Solutions, LLC has been providing regional nonprofits the support they need to broaden their scope and deepen their impact. We help turn policy goals into influential on-the-ground campaigns, steer nonprofits through leadership gaps, and strengthen organizations for the long term.   We excel at uniting multiple partner organizations in pursuit of shared goals with disciplined strategy, vigilance at Capitol Square, and citizen-based local advocacy.

Emily Francis
Founder and Principal

For nearly two decades Emily Francis has been devoted to increasing citizen involvement in policy development and lawmaking at all levels of government and to advancing policy initiatives that protect our environment, improve access to quality education, and promote a more equitable society.  As a nonprofit leader, Emily has crafted enduring civic engagement programs bringing thousands of citizens to the table, stabilized and led organizations through leadership transitions, cultivated bipartisan support for successful legislative initiatives, and helped raise millions of dollars for causes we care about.  


These same principles and priorities now guide our work at New Dominion Solutions, LLC, a Richmond-based firm dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and giving you and your organization the attention you deserve whether for short-term projects or long haul support. 


You may be just getting established or moving from an all-volunteer operation to a professional staff. Perhaps you are experiencing a leadership gap or just need a temporary increase in capacity.  Maybe it’s time for a fresh approach to strategic planning, a creative fundraising infusion, a new advocacy campaign design, or an organizational restructuring.  Whatever your needs, New Dominion Solutions, LLC will help your nonprofit stretch beyond old limits and grow into a thriving, enduring organization well positioned for the future.

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